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An artist, collaborator and facilitator, an accomplished writer, director and producer of short and medium length motion picture productions, Tatiana is passionate about visual storytelling, and realizing ideas into digital forms.
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Quote: Andrey Tarkovsky – 1986

“It is supremely important, and at the same time very hard, to make set designer and camera-man (and for that matter all the others working on the film) into partners, collaborators in your plan. It is essential that they should not be in anyway mere functionaries: they have to participate as creative artists in their own right, and be allowed to share in all your feelings and thoughts.” – Andrey Tarkovsky: Sculpting In Time - 1986

Director – Narrative Motion Picture

"Tatiana is a screen director and writer of narrative drama. Her short films and multi-media projects have screened and won awards at festivals in Australia, Europe and the US. "